The Advantage Tactical Sight for FNH USA Pistols


The Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) was developed by WrenTech president, Richard Nasef, in response to the inadequate iron sight products he found in the marketplace. Nasef, a practicing psychotherapist in New Mexico and California, as well as a firearms enthusiast, noticed shooters struggling with sight picture alignment and the resulting frustration at missed targets. Nasef recognized that the human brain quickly acclimates to a vertically aligned pyramid sight picture over the existing traditional sight pictures and the Advantage Tactical Sight was born.

The ATS, offers interchangeable color schemes,  provides great visibility in low-light situations and maintains the same sight picture when backlit. The sight system enhances the ability to shoot with both eyes open and while moving. The ATS is approved by the USPSA. The Advantage Tactical Sight is also compatible with most holsters and provides better visibility in extreme weather conditions. It is windage and elevation adjustable.

The Advantage Tactical Sights for the FNS and the FNX pistol series are available now at retailers across the country for an MSRP of $98.49

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