Meals Ready To Eat A La Carte…

Meals Ready To Eat or MREs are a huge improvement over the C rations I use to eat – l won’t get into a discussion on its after effects.

Today, military personnel enjoy a far superior dining experience while in the field; much to the credit of The Combat Feeding Directorate and the folks at Natick. The modern day warrior has a vast array of quality items to choose from. I’ve had some of the pasta items myself. It won’t ever replace Donatello’s but it “ain’t” all that bad either. All of the branches know full well that the dinning experience goes a long way to improving moral. Continuing with the tradition that an “army moves on its stomach”, the U.S. Army will be making some changes to their menu, in 2014. Some of the less popular items will be replaced with Seasoned Black Beans, Barbecue Shredded Beef and Vegetarian Taco Pasta.

The CFD’s objective is to deliver about 6000 calories per day in a variety of tasty, nutritious, quality food items. CFD and Natik Labs recognize the high demand for other items like pizza and deli meats, so they are diligently working on technologies that would allow them to preserve some of the more palatable goodies for our troops. Currently, the food is placed in a pouch and heated to 240 degrees to kill a broad array of bacteria that spoil food. Future technologies may include microwave sterilization,  high pressure processing, super critical carbon dioxide preservation, or osmotic dehydration.

Who knows, perhaps our next generation of fighting men and women will be able to dine on steak tartar, fragua and wash it all down with a half-liter of a well balance chardonnay that is nice and oaky as they operate remote weapon stations with their smartphones. That’s progress folks!

Bon Appetit!

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