Bushnell’s Power Sync Solar Wrap 400 Followup…

I recently published a review of Bushnell’s Power Sync Solar Wrap 400 that you can read here. I mentioned that using an MBITR pouch was a good way to carry the Solar Wrap 400 so I wanted to support that statement with some pictures for those readers that will carry the Solar Wrap as part of load out. This is what the configuration looks like, and by the way, I’m using Tactical Assault Gear’s excellent MBITR pouch.

2013-08-06 12.46.12

The Solar Wrap is inserted into the pouch such that the load side – this is the side you connect the electronics to – is on top. This makes it very simple to attach the smartphone or tablet cable directly to the Solar Wrap while you are on the move.

2013-08-06 12.48.08

On the opposite end you have access to the micro charging port for the Solar Wrap’s internal storage battery. It is easily accessed via a hook and loop flap cover.

2013-08-06 12.49.53

This is certainly not the only approach you can take; you can use a flapped double magazine pouch or suppressor pouch; however, I found using TAG’s MBITR pouch to be the most functional and unobtrusive approach.

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