Arsenal Introduces the SAM7SF 7.62 x 39 Folding Stock AK

The only group of people more passionate about their rifles, than Saab owners about their cars, are AK enthusiast. Two years ago, I wrote about the forthcoming modernization and enhancement of the AK47. The tide is now flooding with new concepts and designs that enhance and add capability to the most successful battle rifle in history, the Avtomat Kalashnikova. Today’s AK enthusiast has modular rail systems, grips, magazines, optics and primary sights to choose from. Despite the many enhancements that entered the market, several areas needed to be address. One such point was the left side folding stock, which prevented the shooter from leaving a mounted optic on the weapon. Even the under folding stock prevented the use of a mounted optic. Stocks that folded to the right could not be used because they interfered with use of the charging handle and safety lever. To mitigate those limitations, Arsenal Inc., Las Vegas, NV has introduced the SAM7SF chambered in the ubiquitous 7.62 x 39.



The 7.62×39 caliber SAM7SF utilizes the Bulgarian right-folding tubular buttstock. This stock leaves enough clearance both for the charging handle and the trigger. Since the stock on this rifle folds to the right side, it allows the shooter to leave a scope mount attached while carrying the firearm in the folded position. The stock comes equipped with a rubber butt plate that provides a more comfortable alternative to the standard issue bare metal predecessors thus reducing felt recoil.
The SAM7SF incorporates an ambidextrous safety selector. To improve ergonomics and access to the safety selector, the pistol was redesigned and manufactured to specifically work with the ambidextrous safety selector. Even when the stock is folded, the shooter can safely operate the weapon’s safety without overstretching his hand or releasing the grip.
Arsenal is offering an introductory of $1349 on the first 500 units sold. Thereafter, prices are expected to rise to $1599.

Additional specifications include: a forged & milled receiver, a chrome-lined hammer-forged barrel, muzzle brake, 24×1.5mm muzzle threads, bayonet and accessory lugs,  hand guards, stainless steel heat shield, sectional cleaning rod, one 10-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

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