Cabela’s Color Phase Proprietary Reactive Camouflage Technology.

A couple of years ago I wrote a piece about camouflage where I talked about reactive camouflage. Reviewing the concept briefly, reactive camouflage adapts to its surroundings. When fully implemented, across the military enterprise, it will provide a far superior level of protection for our forces. Commercially, sky is the limit for reactive technologies.

Cabela’s has introduced a very basic implementation of reactive camouflage for its fall 2013 hunting apparel line. It is being marketed as ColorPhase and here is how it works.

The ColorPhase fabric used in Cabela’s product will change color with ambient temperatures. If the surroundings are warmer, the fabric adds more green. When cooler, the fabric adds more brown mimicking vegetation as it transitions to fall. The color transitions occur in real-time so it should prove to be quite effective for today’s hunters. 

It’s too early to speculate on its direct applicability to military camouflage because of its FR characteristics and several other factors; however, it represents a step in the right direction and signals the start of a comprehensive reactive camouflage system.

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