Land Navigation: Direction, Orientation and Location

One of the many fallouts from advanced technology is the insidious erosion of core skills needed to operate in a combat zone. Land navigation using a grid map and compass is at the top of that list. So, put your GPS receiver away and get back to basics.

I would like to supplement this video by suggesting that wherever and whenever possible take three bearings to fix an object or fix your position . Where those 3 lines intersect, you will form a triangle. The coordinates associated with a point in the center of the triangle will be much more precise than if you were two use only two bearing lines. The larger the triangle the more error you’ll have. The smaller triangle the more precise you grid coordinates will be. However, in all cases three bearing lines will provide greater accuracy than two.

The video is a 1967 Army training film, so it’s outdated but relevant to the subject matter at hand.

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