TALON G36: Stratagem’s Smart Magazine Holder

German manufacturer Stratagem made news, earlier in 2013, when it became the first international firm to license Blue Force Gear’s Helium Whisper Technology. The company manufactures a complete line of tactical nylon, offering LBVs, plate carriers, belts and an array of tactical systems.

Stratagem has recently developed an innovative magazine holder , for the ubiquitous HK G36, which it markets as the TALON G36.

TALON® (Foliage Green) The TALON G36 is a polymer magazine holder intended specifically to reduce the reloading time of the G36.  Akin to ITW’s FastMag, it attaches to any MOLLE/PALS system using  2 small MALLACE clips, and can be oriented up or down at the operator’s choice.

The TALON is made from  high-impact resistant polymer with anti-fragmentation and IR signature reduction properties. It uses a patented locking system that does away with tensioning bands like those found on the FastMag.  Attachment slots on the front of the holder allow for stacking other pouches and / or accessories.


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