LuminAid Solar Powered Light

I am all for harvesting renewable energy sources whether at the personal level or in commerce. I’m also an MBA and I understand economies of scale, NPVs. etc., and I know full well that harvesting of renewable sources of energy for commercial application has a ways to go before it becomes a viable substitute for biofuels. However, at the personal level a number of technologies have entered the market that make enormous sense, LuminAid’s Solar Powered Inflatable Light falls solidly in that category.

The LuminAid concept attempts to address lighting needs that arise from natural disasters. The company was formed by Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta.

The LuminAID Solar Light is a solar-powered, inflatable light. When not inflated, the LuminAid packs flat to create a lightweight illumination resource that is easily deployable and easily carried. LuminAID provides up to 15 hours of LED light and can be easily recharged in the sun.

To use the light, ensure that you’ve allow about 7 hours of charging time. This is easily done by exposing the small solar panel to sunlight while hiking or engaging in other activity. With a charged light you can now use the valve provided to orally inflate the air bag – what a clever way of creating a reflector! The bag both reflects and diffuses light from its LED source. It runs an amazing 8-10 hours in HIGH and 14-16 hours in LOW.

You can use this light for just about anything you can think of. If you live in an earthquake, tornado or hurricane zone get some. If you sail, get some. You can attach it to the snap shackle on your jib halyard, hoist it, and now you have a great deck light. If your anchor light goes out, no problem, hoist the LuminAid using your mainsail halyard or a convenient downhaul. If you hike, you’ll enjoy having a reliable and reusable camp light.

LuminAid can also customize the light with your company’s logo or custom art. It’s a great way to go so check it out!

LuminAid Solar Powered  Inflatable Light

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