DSEi 2013 Kicks Off Amidst Protest From Syrian Regime Supporters.

DSEi LogoDSEi 2013, the largest military exhibition in the world kicked off but not without its share of protests, particularly from Syrian regime supporters. Well intentioned folks who prefer to turn a blind eye to what’s going on in Syria, and its tyrannical regime.

In spite of the unrest, we’ll be bringing  you developments from DSEi 2013 throughout the week. So, stay tuned!

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2 Responses to DSEi 2013 Kicks Off Amidst Protest From Syrian Regime Supporters.

  1. DAN III says:

    You go right ahead and support the murderous, Muslim rebels. Murdering and executing Christians at every step. Just leave the United States, what is left of our wealth and our blood the hell out of it. We’ve been warring now for 12 years.

    Why don’t you pack your bags and go join the fight ? Yeah….that’s what I thought. Another neocon.


    • DAN III, first let me thank you for expressing your comments. Allow me the opportunity to provide some perspective. The Middle East has been in a state of unrest for well over 50 years. The catalyst has been the inability for Israelis to secure peace with the Palestinians. Furthermore, dictators, kingdoms and caliphates have suppressed the indigenous populations preventing upward mobility in their lives. Attempts to advance equality has generally been dealt with harshly. This is not being perpetrated by the United States; instead by their own regimes. The abuses range in severity but they are Muslim against Muslim.
      Syria’s regime, right along with Iraq and Iran has been particularly brutal throughout its history. More recently, the indiscriminate killing of over 100,000 people to include the alleged use of sarin gas.
      The Syrian uprising occurred because an individual complained and was executed for it. Regardless of scale that constitutes murderous behavior, don’t you think? At no time, did the Syrian government make an attempt to reconcile differences with its people through a democratic process. So, Assad’s present problems are his and his alone. Not only has he been abusive to his own people, he is a conduit between Hezbollah and Iran. His government may have also provided chemical weapons and/or the technology to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. He assists Iran in bypassing UN sanctions and is generally a disruptive force rather than a constructive one geopolitically.
      If we fail to act, you can be assured that Syria’s population will become more susceptible to being radicalized. From what I know about Syria, radical Islam would stand a very poor chance of survival. Syrians are educated and sophisticated so I don’t expect to see the great looking Syrian women in burgas anytime soon.
      What happens in Syria is in Assad’s hands. If he continuous to attempt suppression of descent through military force and extermination of his opposition he will fail with or without outside support. The ball is in his court.


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