Options For Your Now Disenfranchised Contour Camera

By now, Contour Camera owners should know that Contour has gone out of business. Having been outspent and out marketed by GoPro seems to be the underlying reason for the company’s demise. Founded in 2004 by Marc Barros and Jason Green in Washington State; it was a venture started when two guys decided to strap a camera on to their ski helmet. The idea called point of vision videography enabled the two entrepreneurs  to  capture skiing action footage. From the outset, the young startup faced stiff competition from GoPro who launched a Beta version of their POV camera right about the same time frame. To make matters worse, the point-of-view or POV market captured Sony’s attention in 2011 leading to Sony’s introduction of the HDR-AS15 action camera. With stiff well capitalized competitors, Contour ended up closing its doors and laying off 60 employees. They are no more.

What originally attracted me to Contour was it’s slim and compact form factor along with its ease of use. Contour gained considerable popularity with outdoorsmen, athletes and adventurers for precisely the same reasons it interested me. The camera has been used to capture video footage in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and it continues to be used in the tactical community for training or just a little fun.

One of the items I had on my list of things to get for my Contour was a headband mount; however, with the company out of business I had to look for an alternative, which is when I found the Sony VCTGM1. It turned out to be a great find.

2013-09-24 12.32.40

Sony markets the VCTGM1 as a waterproof headband/mount for their action cam; however, as it turns out, the mount fits the Contour perfectly; resulting in a better overall system than Contour’s original mount.

The Contour camera attaches to Sony’s mount using the 1/4 x 20 tripod mount. Once tightened in place the camera is rock solid.

2013-09-24 12.32.59

The mount then clamps on to a wide headband that’s include with Sony’s VCTGM1. The entire configuration is extremely secure and very comfortable. The Sony mount works with the Roam, Roam 2 and Contour + cameras.  The mount is also ideally suited for the wide head straps used in tactical goggles.

The SONY waterproof headband sells for $29.95 and it is worth every penny. So, check it out!

2013-09-24 12.35.122013-09-24 12.35.29

2013-09-24 12.35.392013-09-24 12.33.56

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