2013 International Sniper Competition Ft. Benning


Just a quick reminder to all of our readers that the 2013 International Sniper Competition will be held this year at Ft. Benning, Georgia, 16 – 18 October 2013 . I’ve attended the competition for a number of years; it is both challenging and  grueling. Each year the degree  of difficulty increases as does the overall pace and stressors. Competitor teams come from SOF, Big Services, International Armed Forces and law enforcement. The Sniper competition is a great opportunity to interact and learn, and I encourage you and your agency to participate.

To the industry: This is a great opportunity for you to contribute to, and sponsor, a world class event. As well as an excellent venue to show your wares. Inquiries regarding contributions and sponsorship should be directed to the US Army Sniper Association, they’d love to have you.

Contact the Ft. Benning PAO to gain access to the post and the event.

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