Silynex Introduces Clarus and Maximus Tactical Comms and Hearing Protection System.


Silynx Communications will announce the launch of two new in-ear tactical headset systems – the Silynx Clarus™ and the Silynx Maximus™. The announcement of these advanced systems will be made next week, 21-23 October, at AUSA 2013 in Washington, DC. The Clarus and the Maximus are the first in Silynx’s Nx Series of products. Silynx designed each system to provide the in-ear hearing protection and enhancement at budget-friendly price points. These next generation systems are designed to be smaller, simpler, and lighter. The company has pulled from the past but focus on the future with Clarus and Maximus

Key highlights of the new systems include:
▪ Clarus is the world’s smallest in-ear tactical headset system
▪ 360° Sound Localization / Situational Awareness
▪ Easy to Use – Plug and Play Simplicity
▪ 20m Immersible Control Boxes
▪ Impulse and Steady-State Noise Reduction
▪ Intercom Interoperability
▪ Parasitic Power Via Radio Connection (AAA Battery Backup on Clarus)
▪ In-Ear Headset with Boom Mic
▪ Dual Wireless Push-To-Talk
▪ Supports Full Duplex Radio Operation
▪ Dual Radio Capability
▪ Available in Desert Tan or Black

You can catch both systems at AUSA 2013 (Booth #1441) 21-23 October in Washington D.C.

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