Extrema Ration Launches Its TK Tool 2.0 Multipurpose Tool

The TK TOOL 2.0 is the company’s newest multi-purpose, single-piece pocket tool produced in Prato, Italy. It’s presently designed for the European market or for use on metric patterned rifles like the HKs, Beretta, etc.

Its features include:
– central slot to be used as a screw-pin shackle wrench.
– key for of fire arm optics regulation and calibration.
– bottle opener and can opener
– 10 mm hexagonal screw key
– 8 mm hexagonal screw key
– 13 mm ring key
The front part can be used as screwdriver or lever and the lanyard holes will accommodate a 550 mil-spec paracord wrap across the tool, which comes in handy should you need to latch things down or an extra shoelace. It’s available in your choice of two finishes: burnished and stone washed.

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