Maxpedition Adds Two New Packs To Its Line

Maxpedition has been in the tactical nylon business for quite a few years; turning out everything from pouches to shoulder bags, bug out bags, etc. They’ve also fielded a number of backpack designs, which were good in every respect except that they left the buyer wanting. They were there but not quite there is probably the more accurate way to describe the line.

The company has recently announced two new packs that look like game changers for the Maxpedition pack line; the XANTHA™ and ZAFAR™ Internal Frame Backpacks. Both of these packs contain an internal sheet frame with aluminum stay, which stabilizes the pack under heavy loads. XANTHA™ is the larger of the two with a total of 1800 cubic inches of cargo space followed by ZAFAR™ with 1700 cubic inches of cargo space. Both of these packs come with exterior pouches, hydration bladder pockets and an abundance of PALS webbing.

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