Mil-Spec Monkey Adapt Pack–a collaboration with Tactical Tailor – Review

Apapt Pack Review 016

If you’re looking for a pack that you can take on a family outing, biking or attach to your plate carrier look no further than MSM’s Adapt Pack.

I have no doubts that military application was the initial design driver; however, many of its features are at home for just recreational use. The PALS webbing, 500D Cordura construction makes The Monkey’s latest product not just tactical but durable as well.

These packs are priced at $99 and come in Multicam, Marine Coyote, Black, Foliage, RangerGreen and Urban.  He’s also offering an incognito version that retains all of the features of the more “military” version in a less conspicuous color pattern he designates as “Urban”. Check it out here.

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