Mechanix Wear Multicam Tactical Gloves


MW Original MCI became familiar with Mechanix Wear gloves through interaction with one of the SOCOM guys while doing a little PT. I had a pair of high end gloves on, which were not doing too well on the horizontal ladder so I ended up taking my gloves off. Observing my dilemma the young man walks up to me and says “sir try these.” He was wearing Mechanix Wear’s Original Covert. He continues saying “I only paid $15 for them at the Exchange and they work great.” Well, you couldn’t get a better endorsement if you paid for it. So, if you want to know what the “real deal” is buying you just got it from the horses mouth.

The Mechanix Wear Tactical line is comprehensive and offers everything from warm weather to cold; with and without knuckle protection. The company offers its existing tactical line in black, coyote and woodland camo, as of this writing. However, the rumor mill and airsoft community has alerted us to a Multicam version of the Mechanix Wear Original, which will be available early next year; with some saying April of 2014. It makes sense to us given all indications the services will be standardizing on the Multicam pattern (all unofficial as yet and subject to change).

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