Tacprogear Introduces Tacprogear BLACK Helmets at MILIPOL Show in Paris, France, November 19 – 22, 2013

Tacprogear, has unveiled their new “American Made – Mission Specific” tactical helmets under the Tacprogear BLACK brand at this year’s MILIPOL exhibition in Paris. You can stop by and see their new line at BOOTH 5G088. The three new helmets, built to high performance standards, for law enforcement, military and government security personnel include the Tacprogear BLACK ACH helmet, the Tacprogear BLACK PASGT and Tacprogear BLACK Scout helmets.

The Tacprogear BLACK Scout helmet is a lightweight, multi-impact, UHMWPE helmet that has been developed with high V50 ballistic performance without sacrificing safety and comfort.

The Tacprogear BLACK Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH), based on the original US Army design, is available in standard and lightweight configurations, both with increased ballistic protection.

The Tacprogear BLACK Personal Armor System Ground Troops (PASGT) helmet offers lightweight function and comfort with optimal protection and insulation for all situations and weather conditions.

All three Tacprogear BLACK helmet systems feature optional Team Wendy® pad systems and components. Team Wendy® helmet pad systems all feature the latest in antimicrobial comfort with MIL-SPEC moisture wicking and state-of-the-art impact and comfort foams.

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