Extrema Ratio Announces the RAO II


Extrema Ratio has added a new and improved version of the RAO folding knife to its lineup. The RAO II features a drop point and handle that is slightly beveled to give it a more rounded look and feel.

The RAO II also features a safe lock, which when engaged converts the knife into a fixed blade; suitable for extreme use. The sheath is designed to carry the knife in the open and locked position. Extrema also includes a diamond sharpener with its knife.

Extremea Ratio makes some of the finest military grade knives in the EU. They supply the Italian special units as well as other EU personnel. If you’ve never owned an Extrema Ratio knife treat yourself to that experience.

Extrema Ration is distributed in the U.S. by Xtreme Knives, Dripping Springs, TX. Check them out.

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