SWORD Looks Closer To Prime Time


SWORD, acronym for Sniper (Soldier) Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices will be networkable with the addition of a smart device for display and communications. In its latest rendition, the system will enhance the warfighter’s situational awareness. SWORD is product of a joint effort between General Dynamics of Canada and Colt Canada, and living proof of how well COTS works for delivering effective and timely battlefield solutions.

SWORD is commercial off-the-shelf components or COTS; it provides power, data and navigation resources within the weapon, including GPS and inertial navigation for GPS-denied situations. Inertial navigation enhances a soldiers ability to successfully move to or through his objective in the absence of a GPS signal or where GPS resources are actively denied. The smart device will also host any number of applications a soldier may need to complete a mission. 

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