Advanced Armament (AAC) Will Delight Shot Show Attendees With Its New 300 Blackout Pistol


AAC Product Announcement:

AAC Blackout Pistol by Advanced Armament Corp.®

Only available through RSR Wholesale

MSRP $1639.

These are limited in quantity and in stock now at RSR.

Dealers who order this from RSR – limited offer – comes with dealer special of four boxes of Remington 125 grain Match ammunition for your inventory.

Since this is a pistol, you can take delivery right away – and then file a Form-1 on it, and when the form comes back, you can engrave it and put a stock on it and have an SBR.

Includes black nitrided 4150 barrel, black phosphated Carpenter® 158 bolt, nickel boron bolt carrier with properly-staked carrier-key, enhanced extraction spring system, Blackout® 51T flash suppressor silencer mount, premium Knight’s ArmamentTM URX 3 handguard, Geissele two-stage trigger, Magpul® MOE+TM pistol grip, Magpul 30 round PMAG® magazine, H2 buffer, and pistol receiver-extension.

Finally, a compact AR pistol with the energy of an M4 carbine, and without the abusive concussion of 5.56mm.

300 AAC Blackout, created by Advanced Armament Corp. and Remington Arms®, is a reliable 30-caliber solution for the AR-15 platform that uses existing 5.56mm magazines for a full 30 round capacity. The highly-efficient cartridge can change between standard full power ammunition and quiet-when-suppressed subsonic loads without any adjustments needed to the firearm. 300 BLK has as much energy from a 9 inch barrel as 5.56mm does from a 14.5 inch barrel, all while having less flash, blast, and noise.

Even from a 9 inch barrel, 300 BLK with Barnes® ammunition expands to more than 50 caliber and penetrates 20 inches of 10% ballistic gelatin at 300 yards. Being 30 caliber, 300 BLK is less effected by obstacles, such as automobile glass, than 5.56mm. The gain in frontal area from 5.56mm to 30 cal is 89.1% – even more of a boost than the 60.7% size advantage that 45 Auto has over 9mm. 300 BLK is a SAAMI standard cartridge that is supported by over 150 companies.

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