Let Me Turn You On To Liberty Ammo

Total ammunition performance is the sum of bullet geometry, composition, velocity and accuracy. We look to external ballistics and we look to terminal ballistics. For defensive purposes we want to limit penetration for safety, have a high degree of fragmentation to create a large wound cavity and high velocity to deliver a large amount of kinetic energy.

Kinetic energy is equal to the mass of the projectile times its velocity squared, divided by two, or in formula view k=mv2/2. To increase kinetic energy we have two options, increase mass and/or increase velocity; increasing these variables will also influence chamber pressure. To maximize kinetic energy yet keep chamber pressure at a manageable level, manufacturers will reduce projectile mass but increase projectile velocity. A simple evaluation of the equation shows that a change in velocity has a squared effect whereas mass does not.

Liberty Ammo loads have some of the highest velocities available on the market. Their 9mm round, for example, produces more than 2000 feet per second; generating 450 foot pounds of energy from a 50gr bullet. Its high velocity combined with bullet weight and its copper monolithic design increases fragmentation producing devastating terminal performance.

Liberty’s revolutionary designs have resulted in the Company becoming the leading patent holder of Military small arms ammunition issued over the past 5 years.   The technologies transform small arms warfare with double the effective range and triple the terminal effects, with improved accuracy, and penetration. 

Check Liberty Ammo Out, their ammunition is high quality, high performance and it is available in quantity.

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