… And Our Jackass Of The Year Award Goes To Edward Snowden…

Time’s Person of the Year for 2013 has been announced, and the accolade goes to Pope Francis. We couldn’t agree more.

In keeping with the concept that good cannot exist without evil or white cannot exist without black, we at Twobirds Flying Publication have the Anti Person of the Year that we designate as Jackass of the Year. Our candidates undergo careful scrutiny and selection; in the process we examine numerous factors, which on aggregate boil down to the following question; Does the individual consume more in planetary resources than they contribute? If the answer is yes, they are awarded Twobirds Flying Publication’s Jackass of the Year.

Our 2013 Jackass of the Year goes to Edward Snowden beating out several celebrities, public officials and some members of the media.

Now, here’s an individual so worried that an NSA analyst could discover he was e-mailing pictures of his genitalia that he decided to break the covenants of his security clearance and his employment agreement. He steals classified government property and makes it available to the Guardian and foreign governments. In doing so, he has placed at risk the safety of our institutions and our citizens; along with the lives of British subjects, Spaniards, Italians, Germans or any one else that took an active part in the GWOT.

Furthermore, rather than resign his position, Mr. Snowden continues working as a Booz Allen contractor for the NSA violating cross-domain security to illegally gain access to classified documents; with the intent of making those documents available to the media and foreign powers. Mr. Snowden had every opportunity to pursue his convictions through the Congress of The United States, but instead chose to go to China and now resides in Russia. Were I Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, I would toss him out of Russia or confine him where he can get all of the Gray “Goose” he deserves.

Congratulations Mr. Snowden, you are our Jackass of The Year. We at Twobirds Flying prefer the NSA to your phony patriotism and desire for liberty.

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