Yet Another True Story–The Case Of The Popcorn

It’s always difficult relaying events that stand as vulgar examples of stupidity because you run the risk of sounding one-up; a situation that I avoid whenever possible.  However, it is what it is, so here it goes.

It’s the Holiday Season, Christmas is upon us, and folks are shipping and receiving packages. Last Tuesday, while I was out for my PT period, a woman walks out of her house carrying a good size box loaded with popcorn, vernacular for the styrofoam packing material used by many shippers. She’s getting ready to put the box in the trash but rather than letting the trash container’s lid fall backwards, she decides to prop it open with one arm while attempting to dump the box with the other. Well, she lost control of the box and dumped the popcorn all over the street. Noticing the wind was blowing the popcorn on to people’s yard, she stands there deciding on the next course of action, which should have simply been to rake it up, but instead decides to get in her car and runs over the popcorn to keep it from flying around; even driving on to a curb to get it all!

It’s quite likely that she also votes…

This has been a true story! Happy Holidays!

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