U.S. Army Settles on G-Code and SERPA Holsters

The presolicitation, W911QY-13-R-0016, issued on 10 December 2012 sought:

“The improvements sought are increased modularity including a drop-leg configuration, that can be quickly transferred to a hip configuration, as well as the capability to be worn/attached to current Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE), load carriage equipment such as rucksacks and the Tactical Assault Panel (TAP) or on individual body armor such as the Improved Outer Tactical Vest (IOTV) or the Solder Plate Carrier System (SPCS).”

The first awardee is Military Hardware, LLC (623940694), 1940 Dawson St
Wilmington, NC 28403-2331; $49 million under award number W911QY14-D-0002. Military Hardware will be supplying the G-Code system.

The second awardee is Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. (027079776), 621 Lynnhaven Pkwy Ste 400
Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7448; $24.288 million under award number W911QY14D0001 ADS Inc. will supply the SERPA

We are intimately familiar with both of these holsters and either use them or have reviewed them in the past. We extend our  congratulations to Military Harware, LLc and ADS, Inc. on the awards.

Here’s what the Army will be purchasing for the M9.


XST RTI Kydex Holster

The XST holster is a molded Kydex holster. It uses friction and a spring-loaded Kydex hood that releases with thumb pressure as the weapon is unholstered. The XST holster is available for the majority of military side arms with or without accessory rails. The holster is then mounted on G-Code’s RTI wheel.

RTI Wheel

The RTI wheel is mounted on a drop-leg rig, paddle, belt slide, MOLLE adapter. This level of modularity allows for the holster to be mounted in numerous ways as needed by the operator. The RTI system also lends itself extremely well to more than just pistols. For example an M203 holster can be molded and equipped to use the RTI mounting system.


Blackhawk SERPA


Blackhawk offers two levels of retention, Level 2 and Level 3. The Level 2 system will be supplied. Weapon retention with the SERPA system consists of adjustable friction and the SERPA® Auto Lock™ mechanism. The flexible thigh platform conforms to your leg size and has room for mounting additional accessories like magazine pouch or a flashlight pouch. The system attaches to the operator’s belt using a Y-harness suspension system  that distributes weight evenly and keeps the holster vertical when kneeling.

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