Our Friends At Lucky Gunner Share First Impressions of PCP’s Polymer-cased Ammunition.

PCP AmmoThe Joint Services and USSOCOM have had a weight reduction initiative in the works since 2007. One of the principal targets for weight reduction is ammunition. That need sparked development in the private sector for polymer-cased ammunition. Successful deployment means a 30% reduction in ammunition weight for the same load out. The need gave rise to company’s like PCP, located in Vero Beach, FL who’s ammunition performance has been tested and validated by various shooters within USSOCOM. Users repeatedly found that PCP’s outperformed the military equivalent loads.  PCP’s ammunition has been tested by third party labs who verified velocity and pressures to be safe and meet SAAMI spec.

As of this writing,  PCP’s polymer-cased ammunition is available only in .308 to the commercial market and in limited quantities.

Our friends at Lucky Gunner recently had an opportunity to pick up 100 rounds of PCP’s ammo to test drive. They’ve document their findings in this excellent video below.

Video Courtesy of Lucky Gunner

Federal Gold Medal and PCP

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