Silencerco Introduces The Harvester

Just in time for SHOT SHOW 2014, in Las Vegas, Silencerco announced two new suppressors, the Harvester and Harvester Big Bore. The Harvester line is the newest suppressor in the Silencerco family with a focus on hunting and long-range precision shooting. The Harvester is  lightweight, tough, and accurate.

Utilizing its lightweight design; the Anchor Brake offers best-in-class recoil reduction across a range of calibers. Using modular thread adapters, the Harvester can be used on a wide range of threaded barrels.


  1. Cal. .300
  2. Weight 11.3oz
  3. Dia. 1.375″
  4. Length 8.8″
  5. dB Reduction 21.1-33.6 (depending on caliber)
The video is hunting oriented and shows animals, in the wild, being harvested. Readers who find hunting objectionable are advised not to view it.
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