EOTech Announces The 552 and 512 Laser Battery Cap (LBC)Holographic Sights

2131699There are good ideas, and then there are great ideas and EOTech knocked it right out of the ball park.

As all of our readers know the EOTech 552 is the military’s standard issue holographic weapon sight. To call the 552 battle proven is quite an understatement, and in terms of function and reliability the 552 is unsurpassed. For 2014 the company has introduced, a new and improved version, the 552 Laser Battery Cap.  The story gets better; in this rendition,  EoTech has added  integrated low-power (visible) and infrared lasers housed as part of the battery cap. In addition, the sight features an accessory port that allows the use of a remote pressure switch sold as an option. EOTech is also producing the 512 Laser Battery Cap in a similar architecture but without the infrared laser.

Departments and / or individuals that already own the legacy 512  and 552 holographic sights will have the option to exchange their unit’s existing battery cap for the LBC (single red visible laser) or LBC-2 ( dual laser – visible and IR)

Availability Q1 2014.

Well Done EOTech!

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