Reader Question Why Won’t My PMAG Gen 3 Drop

I had an interesting question from a reader with a Rock River lower receiver group. He wanted to know why his PMAG Gen 3 wouldn’t drop freely from the weapon on empty.

Hank, what you want to do first is determine if the aluminum magazines and your earlier generation PMAGs fall freely. If that is the case, there is nothing wrong with your weapon and it’s probably a slight dimensional difference in the PMAG Gen 3.

To test that hypothesis, insert an empty PMAG Gen 3 in the receiver. Holding the lower receiver so that the PMAG is perpendicular to the ground exercise the magazine release and observe if the magazine falls freely (chances are that it will). Next, insert an empty PMAG Gen 3 in the receiver but this time cant the weapon slightly just a couple of degrees right or left. If the magazine hangs the issue is dimensional and with the magazine. If you find this to be the case, simply wear the magazine in and the problem will likely disappear.

My suggestions are based on the assumption that the magazine does not jam in the magazine well requiring a hard pull but instead it is being kept from falling free by a light friction. If it jams, then I suggest you contact Magpul and arrange for an exchange, but make sure you satisfy yourself that you’re not experiencing a similar problem with your aluminium magazines and earlier generation PMAGs first.

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