SHOT SHOW 2014 Media Day At The Range Favorites (Cont’d)


Selective fire action courtesy of the Daniel Defense Team. Be sure to ask DD who took down the zombie…


Beretta’s exhibit attracted a large number of attendees hoping to send a few rounds down range with the sporting version of its military rifle, the ARX160. Designated the ARX100, the new rifle is chambered in 5.56×45 and features a cold hammer forged barrel that can be removed and replaced with various lengths and calibers without tools. Case ejection can be switched from right to left with the simple push of a button. The rifle is fully ambidextrous and features a constant contact piston system, so it will cycle any load under any condition. Currently, the gas system does not have a suppressor setting but I’m sure you can find a gas system setting that will run it like a boss.


Gun babes were out in full force, and this doll was checking out Beretta’s Pico, .380 auto subcompact, pistol. Beretta has done an outstanding job with the Pico and I have no doubts you’ll enjoy shooting it.

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