Stopped by the DKX booth to check out their wares and saw an arrangement that I really liked. In fact, it rocks.

Critical Safety Equipment out of Florida and DKX have joined forces to create a ballistic tactical nylon ensemble that makes a great deal of sense. It is a classic example of synergy and sensible integration that gives the buyer a real bang for the buck. First DKX is getting a significant amount of traction in the market place. The DKX MAX III, NIJ 0101.06 certified to Level III, are the lightest plates on the market; as an added benefit, they also float. Ergo, if you are in the maritime business, and do not need level IV protection, you’ll want to jump all over these plates. Furthermore, if you drop a DKX Max III plate, you won’t need to have it x-rayed simply pick it up and put it back in your carrier. I’ve reviewed a pair and found them to be light (2.9 lbs.) and comfortable to wear, impressive.

DSC_0427DKX also makes the DKX Max IIIA, which is a stand alone level IIIA plate. These plates are 0.25 inches thick and weigh 20 ounces. DKX has designed their plates using a double curve geometry that conforms extremely well to the body, so the DKX Max IIIA is as close as you can get to a soft panel feel using a hard plate.

Critical Safety Equipment, CSE, has created a low profile carrier to perfectly match the shape and contour of the DKX MAX IIIA and provide hook and loop attachment space for accessory pouches like flashlights and magazines. The entire system is very clean and relevant. There are no excesses so you maximize cost to benefit; its that simple.

Now for the best part, the entire system is under seven pounds!

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