SHOT SHOW 2014 H&K G28


The G28 is the militarized version of HK’s MR308. It is currently deployed in 7.62 x 51 and has to be one of the best Designated Marksman Rifles available anywhere. It is both reliable and accurate consistently producing 1.5 MOA 10 round groups at 100 yards. The finish on the G28 is amazing; HK designates it  as RAL8000. It has a greenish hue that works with the brown arid color. Great looking rifle. HK tops it off with a Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20 x 50 G28 optic. The combined weight excluding ammunition is 7200 grams or 15.87 lbs. It’s gas operated with a two stage system for suppressed and unsuppressed fire. It also has enough rail to easily accommodate I2 or Thermal sights.

The rifle has been adopted by the German Bundeswehr  as as a system with a Schmidt & Bender PMII 3-20×50 optic that has an Aimpoint Micro T-1 red-dot sight mounted on top.

You can checkout all of the technical details here.

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