SHOT SHOW 2014 Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet


Right at the top of my list of exhibitors to visit was Team Wendy; more specifically, I wanted to take a close look at  at the company’s new EXFIL Ballistic Helmet. My helmet wearing days consisted of a steel pod, which was quickly removed and out came the bandanas, so I marvel in great admiration at the headgear that’s available today. It’s also great to see the continued development ; increasing survivability and effectiveness for the warfighter.


 Ron Szalkowski took me through the salient features: BOA closure system, the Rail 2.0 system with support for the Magpul MOE rails, Wilcox mount, loop panels for lights or IR beacons. The EXFILL helmet from Team Wendy is highly configurable weighing in at 2.5 lbs. with the support system – strap buckles etc.

At the time of this writing the EXFIL Ballistic Helmet is still undergoing ballistic performance testing but it’s not premature to say: great job Team Wendy! Maybe it’s time to stop calling helmets brain buckets?

Team Wendy

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