SHOT SHOW 2014 Arsenal Inc.


At the top of my new product list to reconnoiter at SHOT SHOW 2014 is the Arsenal SLR-104FR. This  rifle is factory made in Bulgaria and remanufactured for 922r compliance in the United States by Arsenal Inc. The SLR-104FR is typical of Bulgarian AK patterned rifles, sight alignment, furniture, and chrome lined harmer forged barrel. Fit and finish is outstanding on this rifle.  It is chambered in 5.45 x 39 and comes with a Warsaw Pact side folding stock and a side optic mount rail. This is a rifle that you’ll want to use as the foundation for a custom build. It is simply outstanding. The suggested retail price is $1099.

The rifle is currently available in black and desert tan furniture; however, OD is probably not far behind.


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