SHOT SHOW 2014–IWI’s Tavor The Rifle That’s Bringing Home The Bacon.


You haven’t lived until you’ve placed your hands and cheek on the Tavor rifle, and to say that IWI has done a great job with the Tavor SAR concept epitomizes the understatement. The Tavor SAR is a must have in anyone’s collection; be it in 5.56 mm or 9 mm it is the consummate CQB carbine, and equally at home in the confines of a vehicle. It’s modularity and ergonomics are superb, and the bull-pup design accomplished two things: overall size is kept to a minimum and preserves barrel length which is a requirement for lethality and accuracy.

The Tavor SAR was recently named the 2014 American Rifleman Rifle of the Year. Well deserved I might add and we congratulate IWI for an outstanding job.

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