SHOT SHOW 2014–Advanced Armament Corporation


One of several claims that can be made about AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) is that they never stop innovating. The benefit of that is an increasing market share across all markets: military, law enforcement and the commercial space. During this years’ SHOT SHOW, I spent some quality time with Mike Mers going over AAC’s new offerings; however, if I had but one to talk about it would be their new 556SD suppressor.

Prior to its 2014 announcement,  AAC suppressor owners paid a premium for the high performance and quality engineered into the AAC suppressor line; this higher price point meant that the company had a void, particularly the commercial space, with value minded individuals. These potential buyers didn’t need extreme performance characteristics but still wanted the sound mitigation and recoil reduction associated with using a quality suppressor. So, to all of you in that space, your desires have been answered with the introduction of the AAC 556SD. Prospective buyers will have the same AAC quality, mounting options and warranty but you’ll just have to give up a couple of db in sound attenuation. The 556SD will be hitting the market at about $750 and I’m predicting that dealers will be having a hard time keeping them on the shelves.


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