SHOT SHOW 2014–Kestrel NK

DSC_0727While at SHOT SHOW I did a drive by on the Kestrel booth where I ran across one of their latest innovations, the Kestrel Drop, which the company describes as a Smart Environmental Data Logger that measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure (model dependent), and connects wirelessly to the Kestrel Connect App to view logged data on smart devices. There are three variants of the DROP.

  1. Kestrel DROP 1 Smart Temperature Data Logger – Temperature
  2. Kestrel DROP 2 Smart Humidity Data Logger – Temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point temperature
  3. Kestrel DROP 3 Smart Environmental Data Logger – Temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, density altitude, barometric pressure, moisture content, humidity ratio, relative air density and absolute pressure.

This device can be placed in any location to collect environmental data. There are a number of military applications for this technology; for example, during training exercises or pre deployment conditioning medics and doctors may wish to closely monitor the environmental conditions experienced by the individual. Attaching a Kestrel Drop to the service member’s gear will allow medical personnel and instructors to collect environmental data points using a smart device and the Kestrel Connect App. The Drop connects to the smart device via Bluetooth.

Kestrel Weather and Environmental Meters

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