SHOT SHOW 2014–Smith Enterprise Inc. (SEI)

DSC_0694I became familiar with Ron Smith’s work through the High Power Microwave and Tube Division of Varian Associates in Palo Alto. Analog microwave technology especially high-powered is almost sorcery. When your dealing with radio frequency in the megawatts the slightest variance in tolerances is capable of producing an arc of sufficient current as to melt through any metal surface; adding to that is the fact that computerized machining and milling was in the hands of the machinist, and you will gain an appreciation for just how talented Ron Smith is. Today, he is the Ayatollah of the M14 /  M1A platform but he’s also making some serious inroads in AR circles. I had an opportunity to visit with Ron Smith and bring you some pictures of his booth.

New for 2014 from SEI:

New .50 Cal Flash Hider for M2A1, M4/M16/AR15 muzzle brake / suppressor mount. muzzle brake for the AR10, my personal favorite a new quick detach bipod for the M1A and M14, a new muzzle brake that is NRA legal and usable at all matches including CMP and a new and improved version of the SEI Wind Talker suppressor.


Smith Enterprise Inc.

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