SHOT SOW 2014–Recknagel


What you see before you is the Montage einstellbare Vorneigung or Adjustable Inclination Mount. This single piece mount is the work of Recknagel / Era Tac tactical mounts. I have personally been in situations where I was using a magnified optic on a 0 MOA base and exceeded the elevation limits of my optic, so in order to engage the target I had to use the Mil reticle to holdover. The end result is that I ended up changing the base to a fixed 20 MOA, only to encounter a similar problem when shooting a .300 Win Mag to its outer range limit. What is the typical solution? Go out and buy a 30 MOA base, and/or change the optic, which as you know, gets costly.

The single piece mount that you see above gives you elevation adjustments from 0 MOA to 70 MOA in 10 MOA increments; all with considerable precision. You do not need to remove the optic or mount, simply loosen the two hex cross bolts then using the precision adjustment, dial in the desired elevation. Elevation on demand! This, my fellow sailors and soldiers, is the equivalent of finding yourself with that special someone only to discover that you are inadequate, and being able to dial in adequacy on demand…

Recknagel / Era Tac did not have a final U.S. price on the mount but 350 euros seemed about right, so I’m going to put the U.S. price at $400 – $450. This is a solution to a problem that is not only elegant but makes great economic sense.

Recknagel / Era Tac also offers a variety of scope ring caps to accommodate backup sights, Angle Cosine Indicator etc.


Recknagel / Era Tac:

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