SHOT SHOW 2014–Laser Devices Inc.


Laser Devices Inc., Monterey, CA. has been extremely busy; resulting in a number of new and impressive offerings for 2014. First on the agenda is their DBAL-PL. The DBAL-PL features two operational modes—Visible mode: 400 lumen white light and choice of 5mW red or green laser;  in IR mode: Class 1 IR Laser with 600mW Eye-Safe LED Illuminator. Additional features include co-aligned visible and IR aiming lasers. Simply zero one laser pointer and the other follows. Zeroing is accomplish with full windage and elevation adjustments. The DBAL-PL is fully M1913 rail compatible and true zero retention. Any Laser Devices rail mounted accessory that I’ve used will retain zero regardless of how many times it’s removed and installed. Use the same slot and POA = POI. The DBAL-PL also comes with a quick release battery compartment. The DBAL-PL is powered by two (2) CR123A lithium batteries and activated by discrete push button switches located on the rear of the housing. The package is housed in a hard coat anodized aluminum housing. MSRP $625 (red laser) and $745 (green laser)


Also new for 2014 is the LDI, MK3 Battle Light. This is a weapon mounted light offering two modes; IR LED illuminator (850nm) <600mW and a 500 lumen Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Lens visible light. MSRP: $498


Qualifying as novel is the LDI MK7 350 lumen mini light. LDI markets the MK7 as a compact handheld but they added an interesting twist. It integrates into most shotgun magazine tubes with an optional adapter. The MK7 has two modes of operation, high and low output that is push button selectable. Although the magazine tube attachment portion of the design rocks, I’m still warming up to the idea of having a light directly below the barrel and extends beyond the muzzle. I’m going to have to digest that a bit.  MSRP $149


Last but not least is the MK5 Battle Light. This is an LED 850 lumen handheld pocket flashlight that will double as a weapon mounted light. The MK5 is powered by two CR123A batteries. It can be configured with a push button switch, remote cable pressure pad and remote cable pressure pad and push button switch. MSRP: TBA

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