SHOT SHOW 2014 – Desert Tech


Desert Tech, formerly Desert Tactical Arms of Salt Lake City, UT, is best know for its SRS precision rifle, a development that gave others in the sniper platform business something to think about. In the years that I have followed the company, Nick Young, its CEO, has steered the small fledgling one gun company into a global power house delivering complete systems that include advanced optics solutions, ammunition, suppressors, caliber conversions. Regardless of your requirements, Desert Tech can assemble a complete solution using in-house products and technologies.

DSC_0911Late in 2014, shortly after they announced its rebranding from Desert Tactical Arms to Desert Tech, the company also announced a new semi-automatic platform called the MDR. The MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) uses a bullpup design that’s infused with the same caliber conversion characteristics as their bolt action product.

The MDR is fully ambidextrous and uses a short stroke gas piston operating systems for extreme reliability. Initial production, scheduled for 2015,  will be limited to .223 and .308 calibers with plans to add .300 BLK, 6.8 SPC, 7.62 x39. The .223 and 6.8 SPC will also have an SBR counterpart. Seth Ercanbrack holds Desert Tech’s newest addition to their product line.

One design feature of the MDR that I’d like to point out is that spent case ejection is forward and to the right. The system is unlike the FN2000; instead, the spent case is ejected forward and to the right from a port just above the magazine. This of course begs the question what happens to a lefty? Nick assures us that it won’t be a problem. We are a year away from seeing the first production version so you can expect pre-production adjustments, and I’ll certainly keep you posted on what those are, if any.

When cultural anthropologists sit down to discuss 2013, I’d like to see them refer to 2013 as the year of the bullpup; ushered in by IWI’s introduction of the Tavor into the U.S. market. That event has been the catalyst for a renewed interest in the bullpup designs. A concept, that for reasons which are not quite clear to me, has been, until recently, unappreciated. Incorrectly so in my view and experience.

Desert Tech, and I’d like to take some credit for this if Nick will grant me that distinction, is introducing in 2014 a Remington 700 advanced chassis, the R7S. Note, the extent of my contribution toward this news is that every time I saw Nick I asked him about a Remington 700 chassis; it’s entirely possible that he got sick of me asking him… BUT Drum Rolls Please!

At this year’s SHOT SHOW, Desert Tech also introduced the R7S, a Remington 700 chassis. The design objective is to minimize both weight and size of the standard Remington 700, and enhance its ergonomics. To that end, Desert Tech has engineered into the R7S a side folding stock, adjustable cheek piece, adjustable length of pull, a monopod and ergonomic grip. The chassis is a drop-in; requiring no bedding or fitting of any sort. The R7S Chassis will begin shipping in June of 2014 and has a projected MSRP of $800, add $209 for the monopod option.


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