RevMedX’s X Stat May Stop Battlefield Hemorrhaging In As Little As 15 Seconds.


I picked up on this article in Popular Science written by Rose Pastore and I want to bring it to our readers attention since it has a profound and positive implication for battlefield trauma care.

RevMedx, an Oregon based startup has developed a pocket size hemostatic applicator that contains tiny sponges. Currently, when a soldier experiences a gunshot wound, a medic or teammate packs the wound using gauze impregnated with a hemostatic agent and applies direct pressure on the wound until bleeding stops. In many cases, the hemostatic agent is exothermic (this is no longer the case with products like QuickClot). The procedure itself is painful and may have to be repeated if bleeding has not stopped within the first three minutes.

Using X Stat, the medic or teammate inserts a 30mm applicator as deep into the wound as possible; then, presses the plunger to release tiny especially treated sponges in and around the source of bleeding. Three single-use X Stat applicators replace five rolls of gauze in a medic’s kit. RevMedx also designed a smaller version of the applicator, with a diameter of 12 millimeters, for narrower injuries. Each XStat will likely cost about $100 with prices dropping as production ramps up.

RevMedx is currently working with the DoD and seeking FDA approval. If approved by the FDA, X Stat will be the first battlefield dressing to be approved for deep battle wounds. Current gauze based systems are only approved for surface wounds.

So, this is a big deal…

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  1. BMWgunfighter says:

    Thanks for the info on this. I’ve been waiting for a brief explanation to come out and this was perfect.


  2. Is there a trainer version of this product?


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