SHOT SHOW 2014 – OTIS Technologies


OTIS Technologies is easily one of the most innovative companies around. They don’t just churn out products they are active in the shooting sport community and they are also amazing corporate citizens. You won’t find an outfit that is more committed than OTIS Technologies’ managers and employees. So, I always enjoy spending time with them. This year was especially fun because they had Richard Marcincko at their exhibit signing copies of his latest book, Rogue Warrior Curse Of The Infidel. Richard is a New York Times Best Selling Author and a great guy to boot.

For 2014 OTIS has a number of new products to announce. Ripcord™, which was actually introduced in August of 2013, is one that I am familiar with as I’ve had the opportunity to review. The Ripcord™ is a one-pass cleaning tool available in .22/.223cal, .30 cal, 9mm, .40 cal, and .45 cal. It uses a Nomex® fiber coating with a helical shape that does a great job cleaning the bore and chamber. The Nomex® fiber makes it heat resistant so you don’t need to wait for the firearm to cool; making clean quicker and more efficient. It’s a great tool to have at the range or in the field.


Last year, Otis introduced the MSR/AR Cleaning System and B.O.N.E. Tool® in .223cal/5.56mm. This year, they’ve expanded into .308cal/7.62mm MSR/AR-style firearm maintenance. New for 2014 is the .308cal/7.62mm version of the MSR/AR Cleaning System. This system includes a new 7.62mm B.O.N.E. Tool® . The B.O.N.E. Tool® is the recipient of this years NRA Golden Bull’s Eye Award. Congratulations to OTIS Tech…


In addition to a couple of new cleaner lubricants, all biodegradable, OTIS Technologies has introduced a new rail system, the MSRS. This is a two-piece rail system that free floats the barrel of MSR/AR-15/M4 style rifles. The MSRS is designed with 6061-T6 aluminum, and mounts to the existing barrel nut.


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