SHOT SHOW 2014 – Horus Vision

Horus Vision, San Bruno, CA is a company that I’ve had the opportunity to follow for a number of years. To say that they’ve revolutionized long range shooting is an understatement. The company made its mark with the introduction of the Horus Vision reticle and their well known ATrag ballistic software. Prior to Horus, military snipers relied on the Mildot reticle for ranging and correcting for wind and target movement. Although it was an effective means of aiming and correcting fire, the Mildot leaves a lot to be desired. If a sniper needed to correct fire, there was no expedient and accurate way to adjust the point of aim.

The Horus reticle is, in the simplest of terms, a calibrated grid. Using the Horus reticle, the sniper can readily observe his point of impact then elevate and/or push left or right to correct fire with precision. When both spotter and sniper use the Horus reticle, corrections are fast and extremely accurate. Horus reticles can now be found in sniper systems across all branches of the U.S. military as well as with international partners. Today, the Horus reticle can be found in Schmidt and Bender, Leupold, Bushnell and other professional optics. Over the years, Horus has developed a number of reticles tailored to a number of specific applications.


Using the Horus reticle is both straight forward and platform/caliber agnostic.  For example, in the H58 reticle above, if the sniper observes that his point of impact is 2 mils low and 2 mils right he can instantaneously correct by changing his point of aim to the intersection of the 2 mil elevation mark and 2 mil right (think of it as an x,y coordinate on the Cartesian system) designated by the red dot. He simply places the red dot over the target and fires.

As part of a comprehensive overall Horus solution, the ATrag software is one of the most sophisticated and advance ballistics software products on the market; allowing the user to incorporate environmental data like temperature, barometric pressure and humidity into the firing solution, as well as range and latitude to calculate the coriolis effect. ATrag software can be found in wind meters by Kestrel. The company has recently embarked on an ambitious development project they plan to market as the Horus TerraFix.


TerraFix is an all inclusive device containing GPS, wind meter and the ATrag 4.0 ballistic software. When used in conjunction with a Bluetooth enabled laser range finder, TerraFix has the ability to instantaneously determine G1 and G7 firing solutions to several targets simultaneously.

We’re looking forward to some hands-on with TerraFix and we’re very excited about its application and prospects.

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