DoD Has No Plans To Close The Commissaries

Well it looks like “on again and off again” is alive and well; although, “this is only a drill” would probably have been a more accurate statement.

The folks at  are now reporting that “According to Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, there are no plans to close military commissaries.” According to, the DoD only asked the Defense Commissary Agency for a range of options on how they could operate if they lost taxpayer funding. Regardless of where this concept is in the planning stages, we continue to believe that the DoD should get out of the grocery store and retail store business. There are several ways in which that can be accomplished.

  1. Move to the benefit card concept that we suggested in our first article.
  2. Sell or license the Defense Commissary Agency and its stores to the private sector.

Both options, in our view, would lead to higher levels of benefits for servicemen & women, their dependents and retirees; while at the same time eliminating the fixed costs associated with running its own chain of grocery stores and retail stores.

(Read the story here)

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