Liberty Ammo’s Silverado .223–Upcoming Review



We’ve been dying to get some range time to see how well Liberty Ammo’s Silverado .223 shoots but the weather along the Eastern United States has been uncooperative at best. Based on ballistic gelatin tests, Silverado’s devastating effects belies its small caliber, but effect is just one part of the equation and predictable & consistent performance is just as important. Liberty’s ammunition is also lead-free and there’s been some concern on the part of shooters that lead-free ammunition does not perform as well. So, we’re going to check that out for you and summarize our findings in a review within the coming weeks.

Liberty Ammo has a number of patents for their bullet designs. In fact, most of their work has been devoted to improving penetration and lethality for the U.S. military. That R&D is reflected in their commercial hunting ammunition so we’re looking forward to range time with Silverado.

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