Silencerco’s Harvester Large Bore Suppressor


Silencerco specifically designed the latest additions to their suppressor line for the hunter and long range precision shooter. The Harvester line is available in two calibers, a .300 WinMag  can that is 8.8” long and 1.375” in diameter  and .338 Lapua Magnum version, called the Harvester Big Bore is 10” long and 1.82” in diameter.

One of the considerations when designing a large bore suppressor is weight. Most large bore rifles have barrel lengths of 24 inches to 27 inches and adding an additional 8 to 10 inches at the muzzle that is also heavy will alter the barrel harmonics resulting in POI shifts that are needlessly large and inconsistent. Silencerco’s new suppressors are extremely light weighing 11.3oz for the Harvester, and 22.3oz for the Harvester Big Bore. Both suppressors use what Silencerco calls a Fixed Anchor Brake to significantly reduce felt recoil. Measured sound reduction for the Harvester is 21-34 dB and the Harvester Big Bore measures out at 24-32 dB.  Both silencers carry a lifetime warranty. The selling price is consistent with industry standards for high quality offerings; the Harvester sells for $750 and the Harvester Big Bore is $1600.



(Visit Silencerco Web Site For Additional Details)

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