Griffin Armament, Inc.

Griffin Booth _01

Griffin Armament, Inc. is a Wisconsin based manufacturer founded by two Operation Iraqi Freedom combat  veterans. Both Austin and Evan are Army Sniper qualified and served as security contractors in Iraq. They’re both nice as hell guys with an ambition to design and manufacturer reliable and effective suppressors. It is a well known fact that shooters, even with hearing protection, can suffer hearing loss over a prolonged period; therefore, using a suppressor in conjunction with hearing protection is a highly desirable approach to mitigating hearing loss. Their ambition and hard work saw Hearing Protection LLC, the suppressor arm of Griffin Armament Inc., go from a one product company to a larger enterprise addressing a number of market needs with superior products that are well designed and manufactured; offered at down to earth prices.

Griffin Booth _02In the not too distant future, you are likely to see a carbine offering from Griffin Armament, optimized for suppressor use, that reflects their experience as Army operators and security contractors.


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