Revision Military Acquires Panacis Power Management Technology Company.

share-pack-web2Panacis is a Canadian based company with its headquarters located in Ottawa. The company designs, manufactures and markets a number of power management solutions  around three broad applications that include personal, mobile and field (or off-grid) power. As part of their personal power application set, Panacis has taken on the task of greatly reducing or eliminating the need for a soldier or operator to carry 16 pounds of spare batteries. To that end, they developed the SharePack.

The device can store and use energy like a battery, as well as connect directly to other power sources and draw energy without the need of an intermediary device. SharePacks can also be daisy chained to create a highly configurable and efficient system.

panacis-sharepackr-webThe SharePack weighs 2.2 pounds and has a USB port and two military connector ports. The LCD display shows the level of charge and how long before the power pack is empty. The device comes in two configurations — one that fits into a double M4 magazine ammo pouch and a wing-shaped one that fits around the body. Panacis has been working directly with USSOCOM on trials and evaluations.

Full Press Release

Revision® Expands Integrated Soldier System Capability through Acquisition of Power Management Technology Company

Montreal, QC (February 25, 2014) – Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, has expanded its capabilities by adding power management to its roster of integrated technologies, through the acquisition of Panacis, an Ottawa-based company focusing on Lithium ion rechargeable energy storage systems.

Advanced, electronic battlefield equipment such as networked radios, night-vision systems, GPS, smart phones and laptops, while increasing situational awareness and capability within smaller units, comes with the challenge of sustaining power for these devices, ideally without the weight and complexity that numerous types of batteries present. 

“The opportunity for an integrated power management system that provides flexible storage and power management that can be easily adapted to a wide range of mission scenarios is extensive” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision.  “We are pleased to add power management – the ability to store, deliver, harvest, and share energy – to our roster of technologies in support of fully integrating electronic equipment while lessening the battery burden on soldiers”.

Revision has been working collaboratively with Panacis on several projects, including reviewing power support for the “Prowler” Human Augmentation system and development of a conformal battery housed on the helmet developed for Natick under the HEaDS-UP ATO program, among a number of other initiatives where next generation energy management is crucial to soldier performance.

“We are delighted to be part of Revision Military and are looking forward to bringing our technological expertise, intellectual property, engineering strength and global program experience to provide highly efficient  energy management and  storage systems to the warfighter”,  said Steve Carkner, founder and CTO of Panacis.  “We welcome the opportunity that Revision offers to further commercialize our current products as well as new product ideas in support of Integrated Soldier Systems”.

“The expertise the Panacis team brings to the Revision portfolio of capability will allow Revision to offer a much more complete solution package to both users and partners such as Prime contractors” said Richard Coomber, Revision Military’s VP of Integrated Systems.  “By integrating power, data management and protection in flexible ways Revision aims to become the solution provider of choice on a range of platforms.  The history the Panacis and Revision teams bring in working together means that we can hit the ground running and deliver on our current projects and the exciting new ones our team can tackle, many of which are already in the pipeline”.

The acquisition is effective February 21, 2014, and the energy solutions team will continue to operate from Ottawa.

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