Extrema Ratio Unbundles The Ontos And Selvans Survival Knives

When Extrema Ratio introduced its no nonsense Ontos survival knife, the company packaged it with a survival kit and a sheath designed to carry both on the belt or in a drop-leg arrangement. I had the opportunity to review the offering and like anything that Extrema does it was robust, professional and world-class.

Extrema Ratio ONTOS

The Selvans Survival Knife was developed in cooperation with Daniele Dal Canto (Master Instructor) of Federazione Italiana Survival Sportivo e Sperimentale. (Italian Survival Federation). Extrema used its highly successful ONTOS as the starting point then made a few modifications in the handle, size and blade profile to create the Selvans; it too was bundled with a sheath and integrated survival kit.

Extrema Ratio Selvans

Extrema Ration has recently announced that customers will now have the option to buy either or both knives bundled with the survival kit, as customary, or they can buy only the knife or just the survival kit in a M.O.L.L.E compatible pouch.

For the knife and survival kit combination, nylon colors are O.D. and Black.  When the knife and survival kit are purchased individually, nylon color choices are Desert Tan and O.D.

For additional information contact Xtreme Knives

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