What Should I Wear With Boots?

DSC_1161We get all kinds of questions from visitors and regular readers on the site, some of which are not suitable for publication but boys will be boys!!

One question that surfaces quite a lot revolves around the selection of boot socks. It is our policy not to make recommendations; our approach is to provide a level of detail and understanding to let you make decisions on your own. So, I won’t tell you what brand is good or not and there are a variety of socks that are excellent. However, excellence is a very personal opinion and highly subjective observation. What I will do, is share with you what I do and provide personal experience.

I have large chucky feet and they are delicate. At the mere suggestion of heat and moisture they will blister. This is particularly true with the footwear coming from China, where they have their own ideas of what sizes should run. Wearing bulky (read heavily padded) boot socks does not work for me at all. When I was skiing regularly, one or two hours on the slopes with bulky socks and my feet were already sore. I then discovered silk ski socks. These were socks with a high percentage of silk, some acrylic and wool. So let’s call them a silk / wool blend product. They were extremely warm  and wicked moisture extremely well. Over the years these socks have become hard to find but they were very effective.

Today, when wearing boots for any length of time, I wear a silk sock liner with a light or mid-weight boot sock over the liner. It is extremely comfortable for me; warm in cold weather, dry in hot humid weather, won’t bunch up and will not develop hot spots.

You can find silk sock liners online and retailers like REI for about $10 to $15 per pair. For me they work extremely well and it’s unlikely that I will ever return to a heavy wool boot or hiking sock. Give it a try! In the worst case you blow $15 but my guess is that you’ll see some very favorable results.

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